Jiaheng Lu's students

Last update: April 2018.

Advices to my students

Read as many as papers you can and understand their main ideas.

Learn more mathematics.

I am very happy to discuss with you for every detail of your idea and paper.

Be active, disciplined, persistent, hard working, honest, and creative.

Read the following articles and apply them in your research.

  1. "Useful Things to Know About Ph. D. Thesis Research" , H.T. Kung.

  2. "Letter to research students" Duane Bailey

  3. "Efficient Reading of Papers in Science and Technology", Michael J. Hanson

  4. "The Task of the Referee A. J. Smith

  5. "How to do Research At the MIT AI Lab MIT AI Lab

  6. "Crafting Your Research Future Charles X. Ling and Qiang Yang

  7. "THE PH.D. GRIND (A Ph.D. Student Memoir) Philip J. Guo

  8. "The Most Common Habits from English papers written by Chinese students Felicia Brittman

PhD students

    Names Years Topic Highlights
    Juwei Shi 2014-2018 Big data system automatic tuning VLDB 2015, 2014
    Zhoan Dong 2014- Crowdsourcing and entity matching BigComp 2016, Cluster computing 2017 Co-supervised with Prof. Xiaofang Zhou, Prof Ju Fan in RUC
    Yu Liu 2015-2018 Big graph management VLDB 2017, 2015 Co-supervised with Prof.  Zhewei Wei in RUC
    Pengfei Xu 2016- Big data management and String processing DASFAA 2017
    Chao Zhang 2016-        Multi-model data management
    Yuxing Chen 2017- Multi-model data management and Big data management SIGMOD SRC 2018
    Gongsheng Yuan 2017-             Multi-model data management and Quantum mechanism