Unsupported Platforms

Platforms listed for v6.3.x-v6.5.x should also work with v7.0, but we did not receive explicit confirmation of such at the time this list was compiled. We include these here to let you know that these platforms could be supported if given some attention.

At the time of publication, the following platforms have not been tested for v7.0 or v6.5.x:

Table 2-2. Unsupported Platforms

BeOSx86v7.02000-05-01Client-side coming soon? Adam Haberlach
DGUX 5.4R4.11m88kv6.31998-03-01v6.4 probably OK. Needs new maintainer. Brian E Gallew
NetBSD-currentNS32532v6.41998-10-27Date math annoyances. Jon Buller
NetBSD 1.3VAXv6.31998-03-01v7.0 should work. Tom I Helbekkmo
SVR4 4.4m88kv6.2.11998-03-01v6.4.x will need TAS spinlock code. Doug Winterburn
SVR4MIPSv6.41998-10-28No 64-bit int. Frank Ridderbusch
UltrixMIPS, VAXv6.x1998-03-01No recent reports; obsolete?

There are a few platforms which have been attempted and which have been reported to not work with the standard distribution. Others listed here do not provide sufficient library support for an attempt.

Table 2-3. Incompatible Platforms

MacOSallv6.x1998-03-01Not library compatible; use ODBC/JDBC
NextStepx86v6.x1998-03-01Client-only support; v1.0.9 worked with patches David Wetzel