Introduction to Databases (581328-9), Spring 2004


This page will contain course related news and anouncements

  • Resuts in intranet.
  • Tasks in exam
  • 1.3.2004: Solutions for the SQL data manipulation tasks (U1-U8) added into the e-learming material
  • 25.2.2004: Revision handouts about relational algebra added to the e-learning material (Relational algebra chapter)
  • 22.2.2004: Deadline for SQL-summary queries moved to 24.2.2004 at 23.59

  • 17.2.2004: Answers to SQL-tasks K1-K16 published in e-learning material
  • 3.2.2004: The order of chapters in the e-learning material has been changed to reflect the order of lectures = the same as in the Topics sub page. Some missprints corrected in slide handouts of relational algebra and database design.
  • Discussion forum, in English, has been opened for the course in address: (Changed since Wed 28th Jan.) You must register in order to be able to post messages.

  • Here are the problems to be discussed in the 2nd meeting of the study group.
  • Here are the problems to be discussed in the 3rd meeting of the study group.

  • Registration: Use the registrations system ( - to register. Pick up the course Introduction to Databases (special version). There is only one exercise group.

  • First lecture in English on 21.1.2003.

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