Discrete Optimization Project (Spring 2012, Lecture Period III)

This is an advanced level course within the specialization area Algorithms and Machine Learning. It is expected that the participants have taken the course Discrete Optimization preferrable in 2011.

You can refresh your memory on the topic using the 2011 lecture slides.

Contents: Independent hands-on project work in the areas of constraint satisfaction and discrete optimization, involving problem modelling, algorithm implementation, and/or practical performance evaluation of search and optimization algorithms within a topic chosen by each student. Each student reports his/her project work as a written scientific report and in a presentation given to the other students.

Course Information

Course Requirements and Timeline

Note: The course schedule is very tight, so you should start your project work as soon as possible!

January 18: Introductory lecture, distribution of topics. January 23 (Monday): deadline for choosing a project topic February 1: Half-point meeting February 22: Final meeting February 29: Deadline for the project report

Possible Project Topics

Note: The project topics are open-ended, you can to a great extend choose what you will work on and how. Notice that the lecturer will not assist in problems related to implementation-level work (implementation details/bugs, compilation problems, setting up scripts for experiments, ...). However, you are encouraged to discuss the actual project topic (e.g., which solvers to use / which algorithm(s) to implement / what problem to model / which benchmarks to use in the experiments / what type of an experimental setup to use / etc).

1. Implement a search / optimization procedure 2. Try to Improve an available solver implementation 3. Problem modelling 4. Comparison of different types of search / optimization techniques 5. Repeat the experiments of a scientific article that uses constraint solvers to solve a problem

Practical Instructions

Relevant Links to Constraint Solvers, Benchmarks, etc