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Sums of Products Research Group

Non-standard methods—especially ones involving moderately exponential algorithms—for evaluating large and structured sums of products have great prospects to significantly advance the state of the art in algorithm theory and computational statistics.

The group's current mission is to implement the vision by studying
  • algorithm theory of computing sums of products,
  • sums of products in computational statistics,
  • applications in science and technology.
Ongoing projects
  • Fast sum-product algorithms for set functions
  • Efficient algorithms for structure learning in graphical models
  • Bounding by products: global bounds via local views
  • Ralf Eggeling, post-doc
  • Kustaa Kangas, doctoral student (co-advisor Matti Järvisalo)
  • Mikko Koivisto, advisor, coach, leader
  • Topi Talvitie, doctoral student (co-advisor Valentin Polishchuk)
Former members Funding
The research is funded by scattered small to moderate-size grants for projects that loosely fit the group's mission: by the Academy of Finland (M.K. 9/2014-8/2018 and 8/2008-10/2013), the doctoral programmes DoCS (K.K. 1/2014-12/2016), FICS (P.P. 1/2010-6/2011) and Hecse (J.K. 1/2010-12/2013; T.N. 1/2011-12/2014), the NIH (UCLA subaward, PI: Heikki Mannila, 7/2007-6/2012), the Algodan CoE, and HIIT.

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