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University of Helsinki Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Software Testing (5 cr, 3 cu)

Lectures: Jukka Paakki
Time & place: 01.11.-08.12.2005, Tue 10-12 CK112, Thu 12-14 D122 (Exactum)


The course gives a general and comprehensive introduction to software testing, as well as presents the main concepts and techniques in the area. The course follows the conventional notion of "testing", as defined in the literature: software testing means the execution of the subject software system with defined inputs, so as to validate whether the obtained outputs are the same as the expected outputs. So, static software analysis methods (such as inspections) where the system is not executed are not covered by the course.

The language of the course is English.


Software Engineering, Software Engineering Project.

Structure and grading

The course consists of lectures and exercise sessions. The exercises are not mandatory but, however, highly recommended, and they are also taken into account in the grading: the maximum number of points is 60, 50 of which can be collected from the course exam and 10 from the exercises.

For passing the course, one has to get about 50% (30 points) of the maximum.

Exercise sessions

Course assistant: Juha Gustafsson

Sessions 07.11.-09.12.2005

  • Tuesday 12-14, C222 (not on Tuesday, 06.12)
  • Thursday 10-12, CK107

Since there is no exercise session on Tuesday 06.12, both groups will have their session that week on Thursday 08.12 (10-12, CK107).


  1. Exercises I (07.11-11.11) (pdf).
  2. Exercises II (14.11-18.11) (pdf).
  3. Exercises III (21.11-25.11) (pdf).
  4. Exercises IV (28.11-2.12) (pdf).
  5. Exercises V (8.12) (pdf).

Contents of the course

  1. Software quality
  2. Principles of software testing
  3. Management of testing
  4. Black-box testing
  5. White-box testing
  6. State-based testing
  7. Testing object-oriented software
  8. Integration testing
  9. Regression testing
  10. Statistical testing
  11. Practical aspects of testing

Course material

The slides are available here:

There is no particular text book which the course is based on, but the material is rather collected from several sources (text books, articles). Most of the material, in an object-oriented style, is presented in the following book:

R.V. Binder: Testing Object-Oriented Systems - Models, Patterns, and Tools. Addison-Wesley, 2000.


Course Exam: Monday, 12.12.2005, 16-19, CK112

Separate Exams:

  • Tuesday, 7.2.2006, 16-20, A111
  • Tuesday, 4.4.2006, 16-20, A111
  • Friday, 9.6.2006, 16-20, A111

General schedule: Course Exams and Separate Exams