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Topical matters

About the course

Deparment of Computer Science at University of Helsinki and HeCSE are arranging a special advanced level short course (4 cu 2 cu) on the programming language Scala. The course is held in the last week of August 2008.

Course arrangements: Pietu Pohjalainen

Contents of the course and course material

The course should provide students with tools for using Scala in their everyday programming problems. The course divides to two parts as follows.

Part 1: Introduction to Scala
- Writing Java in Scala's syntax (an introduction to Scala)
- Functional programming: constructs, types and mindsets

Part 2. Scala for fun
- Fun with Erlang
- Scala in the industry
- Type-safe reflection.


The intended audience includes graduate students of University of Helsinki and HeCSE graduate school. Basic degree students at advanced levels can also attend.

Registration to the course is done through the department's Ilmo-system.

Course schedule

The lectures are held between 25.8. and 29.8. at 12-16 in classroom CK112, except for Thursday 12-14, which is held in B123! The schedule is as follows.

Date Time Lecturer Association Topic
Mon 25.8. 12-14 Arto Wikla Univ. of Helsinki Introduction to Scala
  14-16 Pietu Pohjalainen Univ. of Helsinki Mix-in inheritance for improving modularization in JSF environment
Tue 26.8. 14-16 Pietu Pohjalainen Univ. of Helsinki Functional programming in Scala
Wed 25.8. No lectures
Thu 28.8. 12-14 Nils Müllner Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg Derivation of Fault Tolerance Measures using Erlang for Simulation
  14-16 Sebastian Nykopp Reaktor Innovations Scala implicits and ScalaCheck
Fri 29.8. 12-14 Lauri Alanko Univ. of Helsinki Type-safe structural reflection
  14-16 Pietu Pohjalainen Univ. of Helsinki Introduction to the course exercise


The course contains practical exercises during the lectures. After the lectures, the students are required to complete a project work in Scala. The deadline for the project work is Sunday 28th of September 2008.

Completing the course

There is no exam in the course. The grading is based on the quality of the project work.