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BlueFall is a tool I developed for my Bachelor's thesis. It consists in a mobile and desktop application that allows to simultaneously download and share files using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct. When a certain file is required by many devices which are relatively close, we could put a single device in downloading the file while sharing it among the other devices. BlueFall allows to configure a group of devices such that just one of them retrieves the file from the Internet, while simultaneously the file is shared among the other devices. This can be useful when dealing with OS updates as a way of offloading network traffic, for example. You can download BlueFall here [zip 30MB]. The package contains both mobile and desktop applications, together with the manual.


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I wrote a small ruby script to order the entries in a bib file. I realized that I needed a tool like this while dealing with a huge number of references in writing a survey paper. Indeed, adding a new entry in the bib file was a mess: I didn't know if I already insterted it or not, I didn't know if the id I wanted to use was actually already used or not. In few words, the bib file was not ordered.
I personally found this tool useful in my work. Just take a look to it, if it smells like your problem is similar to the one I just wrote about. You can find a more detailed description of the issue that the script tries to solve in the README file. For help, issues, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me. The script is available here [zip 17KB].

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