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I created a very small ruby script to order the entries in a bib file. I realized that I needed a tool like this while dealing with a huge number of references in writing a survey paper. Indeed, adding a new entry in the bib file was a mess: I didn't know if I already insterted it or not, I didn't know if the id I wanted to use was actually already used or not. In few words, the bib file was not ordered.
I personally found this tool useful in my work. Just take a look to it, if it smells like your problem is similar to the one I just wrote about. You can find a more detailed description of the issue that the script tries to solve in the README file. For help, issues, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me. The script is available here [zip 17KB].


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During my exchange period in Finland, I found myself in love with singing. I discovered this unexpected part of me thanks to a choir that I joined one evening, almost by chance. What attracted me the most of this choir was that everyone can join at any time. There are absolutely no prerequisites for being admitted in it. This allows anyone to focus more on enjoying the experience, rather than performing well to be accepted.
Nowadays, I am a proud member of this choir. From my experience, if you are even just vaguely touched by the idea of singing, I strongly suggest you to try at least once. In particular, if you are planning to stay in Helsinki for a while, you are warmly welcome to come and have a try in our choir. You can find the official page of the choir here.

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