BlueFall is the project that I have developed for my Bachelor's thesis. It consists in a mobile and desktop application that allows to downlad and share files using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct. The key point behind is the following. When the same single file is required by many devices which are relatively close, there is no point in downloading the file separately in each device. A smarter approach puts one single device in downloading the file, and shares it among the other devices using other networking technologies and leveraging a certain sharing schema. That's what BlueFall is about: it allows to configure a group of devices such that just one of them retrieves the file from the Internet, while simultaneously the file is shared among the devices. This can be useful when dealing with OS updates as a way of offloading work from the public servers, for example. If you are interested, you can download BlueFall here [zip 30MB]. Please notice that the package contains both mobile and desktop applications, together with a comprehensive manual.

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