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...currently studying Social and Moral Philosophy at the University of Helsinki. I've also studied Economics, Mathematics, Anthropology, Sociology, Film and Television Studies, Gender Studies, Computer Science and Political Science.

...working part-time as the research assistant of Academy Professor Uskali Mäki at the Finnish Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences.

...volunteered for Prometheus-leirin tuki ry., Sitoutumaton vasemmisto, Greenpeace, Nuorten filosofiatapahtuma and the Student Union of the University of Helsinki.

My interests include reading (mostly classics, political and philosophical literature), nature, society, food, music (ambient, goa, blues, jazz, reggae, rock, everything, singing, violin), environmental issues, cosmopolitanism, science, culture (movies, opera, non-conventional theatre, art, dance), history (17th century, ancient times, indigenous peoples), peace, people, computers and everything nice in general.

Recently I've looked into forestry, history of gardens, herbs, methodology of economics, fencing and different kinds of small-scale agriculture and related activities, such as beekeeping, truffle pigs and dogs, snails, foraging and drying wild mushrooms. Fascinating!

I was born on April Fools' Day in 1984.

I also have a weblog at blogs.helsinki.fi/ptolvane.


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