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Tonin naama Researher (Ph.D.)

Contact Information

  • Tel: +358-9-191 51354
  • email: Toni.Ruokolainen(.at.)cs.Helsinki.FI
  • Areas of Interest

  • Service Ecosystem Engineering (what?)
  • Service-Oriented Software Engineering (SOSE)
  • Model-Driven Engineering (MDE)
  • Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) and Service Ecosystems
  • Interoperability
  • Current activity and projects

  • CINCO research group
  • Service Ecosystem Engineering
  • Past research projects

  • TBT - Trusted business transactions
  • ContentFactory
  • Mallinnuksen opetuksen kehittämishanke (A project on modelling pedagogy; in Finnish only)
  • SOAMeS project
  • web-Pilarcos project
  • Teaching

    Current teaching activities
  • Acting as an instructor for several MSc. thesis work
  • LuK-HOPS (i.e. tutoring for Bachelor students)

    Past teaching activities.

  • Publications

    List of publications