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Tomi Männistö

Professor, D.Sc. (Tech.)

Software Engineering

tomi. mannisto [at] helsinki. fi


Empirical Software Engineering

We have a research group called Empirical Software Engineering Research Group at the University of Helsinki. We address software engineering research problems and challenges with industrial relevance or origin. We emphasise the empirical aspect of the research, in particular by applying research methods that enable us gaining deep understanding of software development. 

We also have a blog at and tweet as SE_Helsinki.

My own core research areas include software architectures and conceptual modelling of variability, e.g., in knowledge-based configuration, software product families and extreme continuous experimentation. Recently, there has been interesting research in self-awareness, e.g., that of collaborating robots, that goes into the intersection of software architectures and computational creativity.

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Hobbies and Interests

I love travelling, especially with my wife Satu. We have been to many places and still desire for more. This hobby of ours is not unrelated with our interest in cooking and eating well. I also like photography, including documenting the places we go to, but I sometimes like to do some more abstract stuff. I hold a radio amateur license and my call sign is OH2NEM (been QRT for some time, though:-(