Universal Artificial Intelligence, HeCSE Course at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki

Universal Artificial Intelligence

Lecturer: Dr. Marcus Hutter, IDSIA, Lugano.
Teaching Assistant: Teemu Roos

Course Homepage

Instructions for Homework

Solve some of the exercises in the slides. (If you don't have all of them, e.g. the ones referring to the book, ask Teemu and we'll e-mail them to you). All feasible exercises are rated by [CXX], where XX is a number between 00 and 35. A correct solution of an exercise rated [CXX] will give 2^(XX/5) points, i.e. C00=1pt, C05=2pts, C10=4pts, ..., C35=128pts.

Solve problems of an equivalent of 128 points. (Or at least provide a serious solution attempt). This is estimated to take roughly 15-30 hours. Best solve some more problems in case not all of your solutions are correct. We also value innovative ideas even if they do not solve the problem completely. Exercises that are already solved in the slides do not count. Solutions simply copied from other sources also do not count.

If you want a real challenge, you can also solve one of the open problem in the book M.Hutter, Universal AI (2004). This will guarantee passing the course.

Solutions are due by 24. March 2006. You can either bring them to Teemu (Exactum, Room D118) or send them by e-mail to teemu.roos at cs.helsinki.fi.