A Delicious Guide to Fallen London

Chapter 0: Creating Your Character

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Our mutual journey to Fallen London, aka the Neath, begins from the registration/login screen.

(Note: The login screen in the above picture features Mr Sacks, who is a special Christmas character. At other times, other FL characters will be featured, such as The Exceptional Hat.)

Since I am a mysterious person, I will click on "Register by email".

Registration screen

The registration screen is very simple and fast to fill out.

I have chosen the screen name DeliciousGuide because I am indeed delicious; and because I will be your guide.

For the most part, Fallen London is gender-neutral. Males can wear gowns; and females can wear frock coats, and even the seduction of NPCs does not have a gender requirement. The gender information is used mainly to determine your cameo options, as well as whether you will be referred to as a "gentleman", "lady" or "mysterious individual" in your Myself tab (= your inventory) and Journal screen.
Image, aka Cameo:
The cameo you choose will be displayed in your "Myself" tab, which is your inventory. It will also be visible in your Journal, which is a short collection of your deeds in Fallen London accessible by other players. The image you choose can be changed at any point in the game; but doing so is not free.

I have chosen the cameo of a person who is smacking his, no, her, umm...its lips, as if contemplating on the deliciousness of future events.

You may have noticed the text box on the right. This box will show a random snippet about Fallen London. The box will be with you wherever you go in Fallen London. Truth be told, you are not expected to understand what most of the text box contents mean until you are well immersed in the game. Heck, even I don't get all of them yet, and I have been playing FL for quite some time already.

Now, let's click on the big "Play Fallen London" button at the bottom of the screen and see what will happen next.

Welcome to the Deep End of Fallen London!

There is already a bunch of stuff happening on the screen. We can ignore most of it for now: we will examine it in more depth in the next chapter of this guide.

The only thing we are interested in at the moment is the picture at the top. It displays our location in FL visually. We appear to be in some kind of a cavern with lots of glittery things.

Since this is a memorable moment of guiding delicious friends into Fallen London, I will press the "Record This in Your Journal" button to make it last forever in our hearts. Almost like a touching love story.

Great success!

Now, where exactly was this recorded?
The message was not spammed into your social media, where your workmates would be envious, and your boss would nag endlessly about potential losses in productivity.
Instead, it went into my delicious journal.
I will be updating this journal with snippets of my progress as we go. By the time you read this, it may already contain a lot of things. But for the time being, it's quite lonely, sad and devoid of adventures:

Sad, and lonely, and sad.

I seem to be described as "a shadowy individual of mysterious and indistinct gender". I also seem to be wearing some shaggy and suspicious clothing, as well as some shackles. Why is this?

The origin of the shaggy clothes, as well as many other mysteries, will be examined and solved when The Delicious Guide continues with
Part 1: The Introduction