A Delicious Guide to Fallen London

Chapter 3: Traveling
Continued from: Chapter 2a: Actions - Opportunities
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This Chapter is about Traveling.

Last time, we left off with a button unpressed...

Let's press the shiny button!

...which will reveal the following map of the areas of Fallen London:

You WILL learn the contents of this map by heart as you play the game. Trust me.

On the map we see 7 areas. In the future, you will be able to open many more areas in Fallen London. The "Lodgings" text and the yellow borders around the picture indicate that we are currently at our Lodgings. To travel to another location, just click on the location on the map.

Traveling with the map is NOT an action. So it does not shorten the Action Candle. This is somewhat funny and unintuitive, but it is very good for us players.

Next, let's move the cursor around the different places to get a rough idea what these are and travel to all the places we can enter.
The first four areas are "the starting areas" of Fallen London - one for each Main Quality:

1) Ladybones Road (Watchful)

Ambition: Nemesis

2) Spite (Shadowy)

Ambition: Light Fingers

3) Watchmakers' Hill (Dangerous)

Notice the Bronze storylet. Ambition: Bag a Legend!

...and finally...

4) Veilgarden (Persuasive)

Ambition: Heart's Desire

REMINDER NOTE: After you have selected 1 of the 4 Ambitions, the other 3 will become unavailable. Just like with the Mysterious Benefactor (see Chapter 2b: Actions - Storylets), your selection can be changed afterwards, but it will be very expensive to do that.

The remaining 3 areas are House of Chimes, Mrs Plenty's Carnival and Lodgings (where we are now):

5) House of Chimes ("fate-locked" = can be purchased open with FATE purchased with money. More about this in Chapter 5.)

House of Chimes is the most interesting for high level characters with established acquaintances with Fallen London NPCs. Fresh Characters should consider purchasing Exceptional Friendship primarily for the Action Candle size increase (see Chapter 5); rather than for House of Chimes access.

Without the FATE purchase, you will only get the following error message when trying to travel to House of Chimes:

Let's move on:

6) Mrs Plenty's Carnival

I will leave this place as a mystery for you to discover. Let's just say it's very different from the 4 "starting areas".

...lastly, we have

7) Lodgings

Lodgings will be examined next in
Chapter 4: Lodgings & Social Actions