A Delicious Guide to Fallen London

Chapter X: Summary (aka tl;dr) & Top Tips

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Main Qualities
Second Chances
Menaces: How to Reduce Them
Item Conversions

Main Qualities

Improving your Main Qualities will unlock additional content, such as new Opportunity Cards and Storylets.

Top tip: Increasing these to 100 is one of the requirements for becoming a Person of Some Importance (PoSI), unlocking a LOT of content.

Watchful (Owl)
Failure: Nightmares increase.

Shadowy (Cat)
Failure: Suspicious increase.

Dangerous (Bear)
Failure: Wounds increase.

Persuasive (Fox)
Failure: Scandal increase.

Second Chances

To use a Second Chance, expand the Challenge information and tick the usage box BEFORE attempting the Challenge for the first time.

Top tip - How to use multiple Second Chances for 1 challenge:
1) Choose to use SC. Attempt the challenge & fail.
2) Choose "<- Perhaps Not" instead of the second attempt.
3) Attempt the challenge again using a SC.
4) Repeat.

Sudden Insight (Watchful)

Hastily Scrawled Warning Note (Shadowy)

Hard-Earned Lesson (Dangerous)

Confident Smile (Persuasive)

Menaces: How to Reduce Them

Most sensible Fallen Londoners try to keep their Menaces below level 8 at all times by actively reducing them.

Top tip: Menace level 5+ inserts Menace-related cards into your Opportunity Deck. To get rid of them, reduce the Menace to level 4 or below.






Ambition is a Silver Storylet which will supposedly last throughout the game. Switching one's Ambition is costly.


Your home. Social Actions. Buy better lodgings from The Bazaar. Better lodgings increases maximum hand size.

Top tip #1: Many Storylets require you to travel to your Lodgings and continue from there. When stuck, check your Lodgings first.
Top tip #2: You are allowed to own multiple lodgings at once, and gain all associated benefits from each.

Item Conversions

To convert Items, enter "Myself"-tab and click on the item. Most items convert into items of the same category.

Top tip: Item conversions chart. Most useful for people who like maths.
(NOTE: The wiki I have just linked to is far outdated. But that conversions chart is better than what we have elsewhere.)

Located at fallenlondon.storynexus.com/profile/YourCharacterName

Top tip: You can put "The Airs of London" into your scrapbook from the "Myself"-tab to see the numeral value for the Airs from the Journal.

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