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58144 Compilers, Spring 2006

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Lecturer: Juha Vihavainen
   Jan 18 - Feb 24 Wed 14-16, Fri 12-14 (B222) &
   March 15 - 29 Wed 14-16 (B222)
   Jan 23 - Feb 20 & March 13 - April 10
   Mon 16-18 (CK111) (Group 2 has been cancelled.)
Text book: Programming Language Pragmatics [Book Home Page]
(Prices: DataClub normal 65e, by group (10) order 55e; Akateeminen: 70e, student: 63 e)
The new improved second edition is strongly recommended. However, if you already have the year 2000 edition of the Scott's book available, you can get by with this old edition.
Other recommended literature: see course description (in Finnish).

Examination Wed May 3, 2006, 9-12.

The course exam is based on

Just before test, please check its time & the place for late changes.

Note that the course projects are obligatory, and you may not participate in the examination, unless you have delivered specified works at due date.

Juha Vihavainen

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