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Compilers, Spring 2010

General Info

Course results (16.4.2010) Grading criteria.
Lectures:  20.01. - 26.02.  Wed 14-16,  Fri 12-14  (BK107)
Juha Vihavainen
Examination 2.3.2010
Compiler project: A Front-End for Mini-Java.
Course materials and exercises are in English.
The lectures and exercise sessions are spoken in Finnish.
Course outline

Course examination  Tuesday 2.3.2010  16-19  (A111)
The examination is based on Just before test, please check its time & the place for late changes.

The course includes obligatory programming projects, and you may not participate in the examination, unless you have delivered specified assignments at due date.

The examination gives about halve (28) of total points (60), programming projects gives max 26 points, and exercise activity gives max 6 points.