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Nordic Baroque Music Festival 2001: photograps

(Updated 7.10.2002)

In the Nordic Baroque Music Festival Nordmaling, Sweden 5-11 August 2001, there were 7 fine concerts and masterclasses in 9 instruments.

The teachers: Emma Kirkby, singing, Ingrid Seifert, violin, Charles Medlam, cello/viols, Han Tol, recorders, Wilbert Hazelzet, flute, Alexandra Bellamy, oboe, Jakob Lindberg, lute, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, harpsichord and Clas Pehrsson, chamber music.

The concerts: Cappella Figuralis, Passacaglia, Faculty concert, Pieter Wispelway, Nancy Argenta and Ensemble Sonnerie, La Pellicana, Lynne Dawson and The King´s Consort.

The following pictures are just amateur photos... I have intentionally left many of them quite big - to save all of the picture information, all of the pixels, if someone happens to want to make paper copies.

Everyone is alloved to make private copies of my pictures, on paper and in computer. Publishing is prohibited without my explicit permission.

I am sorry that I was not sure of all the names! If you can inform me of some of the question marks below, please do so!

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