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French music for 10-course lute (recorded 1992)

This my practising for a recording project already in 1992. The lute is model "Andreas Berr, Vienna, 1699", made by Stephen Barber, 1986. Actually for Le Roy a 6-course lute would have been more appropriate... ;-) [There is also a page containing all these pieces as I then played them in the CD.]


I recorded video clips of some Sarmaticae by my tiny digital camera in 2005. Sarmaticae are arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs by Roman Turovsky, see his page The performances are just "direct shots", no editing, no rehearsing...;-) The lute is model "Magno dieffopruchar, Venice, c. 1550" by Stephen Barber, 1985. (Recorded 4.12.2005 and 27.12.2005) [There is also a page containing more info of these recordings and also big movie files.]

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