Vivaldi Concerto as lute solo

Arto Wikla 15.5.2008

The famous Lute Concerto in D-major (RV 93) by Antonio Vivaldi is actually not only famous, but also quite elegant and fun piece. Because it is not very often possible to play it with an orchestra, I made an arrangement for lute solo of this concerto. Of course it is much less than "the real thing", but at least to me also this version is quite fun to play.

My arrangement is based on the edition of the score by Fabio Rizza. His edition is in the net, see A. Vivaldi: Concerto con 2 Violini Leuto, e Basso.

My intabulation is written so that if you play it by an A-lute in "renaissance" tuning, you get the original key of D-major. Although my version is meant to be a solo, it shouldn't clash with the concerto version. The biggest difference from the score are measures 29-34 of the first part (Allegro): There I have taken the basso solo to the middle register.

There are also mechanically produced midi-versions of the pieces for checking "what it is", and perhaps they also help learning the tabulatures. The midi versions assume a G-lute in "renaissance" tuning. So the midi's are in C-major.

There are also some other arrangements, intabulations, etc. in my Contributions page.

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