My lutes: info and pictures

Updated 26.1.2003.

  1. 6-course lute, 63cm:1x1+5x2, after Magno dieffopruchar, Venice, c. 1550 (Collection of A. Beare Ltd, London), Stephen Barber, 1985.
  2. 10-course lute, 61.5cm:1x1+9x2, after Andreas Berr, Vienna, 1699, Stephen Barber, 1986.
  3. Archlute, 67cm:1x1+5x2/100cm:8x1, Stephen Barber, 1987. The body of the instrument is after 8-course lute of Magno dieffopruchar (Museo Civico Bardini Nr. 144). Eero Palviainen has rebuild the barring 1993. (The instrument sometimes is also a single strung French high d-theorbo for 'pieces'. At the moment it is a double strung archlute in g... Very versatile instrument, indeed)
  4. French theorbo, 76cm:8x1/140cm:6x1, Stephen Barber, 1986. The body of the instrument is after a 16th century bass lute. Eero Palviainen has rebuild the barring 1992. Timo Kontio has still changed the barring 1997.
  5. Chitarrino, 53.5cm:1x1+3x2, after the picture in the title page of G. Morelaye, Le Premier Livre (1552), Eero Palviainen, 1993.
  6. 7-course soprano lute, 44cm:1x1+6x2, after Wendelio Venere c.1580 (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien, C1580#39), Timo Kontio, 1997.
  7. 8-course lute, 62.2cm:1x1+7x2, a 1970's lute totally rebuild by Eero Palviainen 2000.
  8. Chitarrone (overo tiorba), 86.7cm:7x2/158.7cm:8x1 (stringing still under consideration!), The model is Magno Dieffopruchar 1608, Venezia (Royal College of Music No.26), size reduced to 93%. Still under construction, see pictures of the project.

Gingerbread lute
My lute student gave me a gingerbread lute as Christmas present in 2001.

(Lenght about 30 cm)

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