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In his page "IV. MUSICAL EXAMPLES: Renaissance Lute Tabulatures" Roman Turovsky has published a huge amount of Ukrainian folk music arranged for renaissance lute. He has invited musicians contribute their interpretations of this wonderful music.

I found out that easiest to me is to record video clips with my tiny digital camera. The quality of sound is perhaps not very good, and the AVI-files are quite big. And I did not have the programs to edit these clips at all - also my "pushing the buttons" are included. But perhaps it is anyhow interesting also to see the pieces played?

My interpretations are not polished at all - just one take and that's it. Especially the number 35 really was my first try, whether the quality of the camera AVI's is bearable. But I had some fun already in playing that first try, and that is why also it is here. And all these pieces are played nearly prima vista! Well, perhaps 63 is an exception, because Roman recommeded it to me already some time ago, and so 63 is is perhaps duodecima vista.

You can find all this music (and lots more!) as pdf tabulature in Roman's page.

In YouTube (April 2008): Six short Sarmaticae, numbers 35, 63, 91,40,53 and 81. They are lute arrangements of Ukranian folk songs, made by Roman Turovsky, see his page . My playing is just a "direct shot", not polished at all. Recorded 2005. Roman considered the first 3 being too fast, that is why the last 3 are slower. The lute is model "Magno dieffopruchar, Venice, c. 1550" by Stephen Barber, 1985.

Original BIG movie files:

An addition in 27 Dec 2005:
After having heard those three Sarmaticae above, Roman commented that the tempi were little bit too fast, considering the texts of the original songs. I anyhow decided to keep also those three here as some kind of "historical documents", but some day play some more. I also asked Roman about his favorities among the songs/arramgements, and he named numbers 40, 53 and 81. Today there was some time and I got the idea of playing those pieces. As earlier, the interpretations are not polished at all, just impressions of the moment, and just direct video clips without any editing...

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