BrowserSocket CodeCamp

CodeCamps are a series of courses where students form small groups to work around some of the latest cool stuff. Last year this was QT, this year: BrowserSocket. A new protocol called WebSockets has been introduced at the IETF and the W3C to simplify and optimize bi-directional, long-lived connections between the server and the user’s browser. The CS department and HIIT have jointly researched ways to embed servers in web pages. As a result, we have created a prototype called BrowserSocket, which allows the development of ad-hoc peer-to-peer systems that run transparently from within the user’s browser. The development of BrowserSocket is part of a larger on-going research effort aimed at making client-side technologies available for cloud software.
The course is administrated by prof. Sasu Tarkoma <>

Course assistants:
Konrad Markus <>
Introduction lecture: Monday 25.10. 10:00 - 12:00
Demo session: Tuesday 2.11. 10:00 - 12:00
Document deadline: Friday 5.11. 18:00
Target Audience
There are no enforced skill requirements. It is useful for the participants to have some experience in web technologies, programming, as well as tools and techniques typically used to manage a small software project. General network experience may turn out useful. Bring a laptop if possible.

04.10.2010 - 12:42 Reijo Sivén
04.10.2010 - 12:42 Reijo Sivén