HIIT Call 2017/3 for Proposals to Support the Helsinki ICT Community

Detailed information: http://www.hiit.fi/node/4512

In this call, we wish to support new initiatives that support HIIT's mission. Meanwhile we have sufficient funds available this call now continously open till 7th of December with three cut off dates (Deadlines: 21st of October, 14th of November and 7th of December). Please note that the funding needs to be used before 31.12.2017 => money needs to be spent this year.

In this call, we are looking for proposals related to following activities: 

  • organization of events
  • initiating new cross-university and/or multi-disciplinary scientific collaboration
  • inviting potential talented postdoc candidates to visit Finland
  • sponsoring of longer research visits abroad
  • boosting the career of highly successful doctoral students

In case you have an excellent idea that you feel does not fit well to any of these categories, please send email to Krisztina Cziner. The idea is that in these open calls the target is to support activities with clear added value and high potential impact, in cases where no existing funding instrument is easily available or the available funding is not sufficient.

Prepare your application online via Webropol:

Call target: The mission of HIIT is to enhance the quality, visibility and impact of research on information technology, and we are looking proposals for initiatives that support this mission. Our longer-term (over one year) commitments are channeled through postdoctoral researcher positions in the strategic HIIT research programmes that were recently renewed in 2016; in this call we focus on shorter-term funding and support activities that take place during the calendar year of 2017 - these activities may continue even further in the future, but the requested funding needs to be spent by the end of this year (31.12.2017). Activities to be funded may have started earlier this year (2017) before submitting a funding request. We expect typical funding requests to be between 1.000 and 10.000 euros (with the lower end for example for sponsoring a workshop, and higher end for funding M.Sc. thesis work (e.g. 3 FTE person months) on a topic supporting new collaborative research. In exceptional cases, we may consider even larger grants.

Note that this call is NOT limited to the current HIIT research programmes, but OPEN to the whole Helsinki ICT community, defined for this purpose as the HICT network: the main applicant / contact person needs to be listed as a HICT supervisor at www.hict.fi/supervisors. Younger researchers or even students are encouraged to apply (when applicable), and listed as co-applicants, as long as their supervisor / the main applicant is a member of HICT.

10.10.2017 - 08:57 Minna A Lauri
10.10.2017 - 08:57 Minna A Lauri