Huge load on csfs file server caused multiple problems

05.05.2014 - 09:00 - 12:00

Huge file system load on csfs server caused several problems.

  • was mostly hung
  • had to be rebooted
  • Logins on classroom machines using csfs home directories would take very long to finish (more than 5 minutes)

Please, do not run any parallel jobs which use csfs home or group directories on Ukko Cluster. The jobs will run very slow, so you won't get much useful results and the rest of the department will grind to halt. Also, in the future we will remove ukko cluster's access to csfs filesystem completely to stop this kind of problems from reappearing. 

05.05.2014 - 12:10 Jani Jaakkola
05.05.2014 - 12:10 Jani Jaakkola