Networking and Services
Advanced studies
The goal of the course is to make the students conversant with the key protocols that are essential for the operation of the Internet and to understand specifically how the network and transport layer protocols operate, including the design principles used. Prerequisites: Introduction to Data Communication. Course book: Comer D. E.: Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol. 1: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture, 6th ed., Pearson, 2013.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2009 autumn 08.09-14.10. 1-1 Finnish


Time Room Lecturer Date
Tue 12-14 D122 Markku Kojo 08.09.2009-14.10.2009
Wed 14-16 D122 Markku Kojo 08.09.2009-14.10.2009

Exercise groups

Group: 1
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Wed 12-14 DK116 Laila Daniel 07.09.2009—16.10.2009 in English
Group: 2
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Thu 14-16 B119 Mika Karlstedt 07.09.2009—16.10.2009
Group: 3
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Thu 12-14 C222 07.09.2009—16.10.2009 (summary lecture)

In addition, a summary lecture (in English) on Thu 12-14 C222.

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Luento 16.9. on auditoriossa CK112.