PhD Student Seminar

PhD studies
A total of 6 credits (i.e., six semesters) from PhD Student Seminars are compulsory for a PhD degree. All 6 credits are given at the end of the PhD studies of a student. See the seminar web page for more details.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2012 autumn 21.09-16.11. 1-2 English Jukka Paakki


Time Room Lecturer Date
Fri 12-15 B119 Jukka Paakki 21.09.2012-21.09.2012
Fri 12-15 B119 Jukka Paakki 16.11.2012-16.11.2012

Information for international students

The language of the seminar is English. The seminar is intended for PhD students of the Department of Computer Science.


The PhD seminar is on ongoing seminar meeting two times per term (four times per year). It is is an obligatory part of the PhD studies for students that started their studies after 1 August 2008.

Each term corresponds to 1 credit point. A total of 6 credits (i.e., six terms) from the seminar is compulsory for a PhD degree. All 6 credits are given at the end of the PhD studies. If some requirements for passing the seminar are not fullfilled, the number of credits given can be less than 6.

Programme for 2012-2013

21 September 2012 at 12-15 in B119

  • New student presentations
    • Jukka Toivanen
  • 2nd year presentations
    • Fabian Fagerholm
    • Ossi Karkulahti
    • Janne Korhonen
  • Other presentations
  • Programme for the rest of the academic year 2012-2013

16 November 2012 at 12-15 in B119

  • New student presentations
    • Ilpo Järvinen
    • Lidia Pivovarova
    • Joel Rybicki
  • 2nd year presentations
    • Eemil Lagerspetz
    • Joonas Paalasmaa
  • Other presentations
    • Mikko Pervilä

The seminar continues in the Spring of 2013.

Contact person: Research Coordinator Pirjo Moen

Completing the course

To pass the seminar students should

  • attend at least 75% of the meetings during 3 years (i.e., 9 times out of 12 if the seminar meets twice/term)
  • give at least two presentations
    • a presentation after about two years of studies on the student's progress so far: the first half of the presentation would be on a general level (remember your audience) about that you have done so far, the other half about what your thesis will look like and also how your plan to finish the thesis looks like
    • a presentation on a chosen subject, e.g., the topic of an accepted conference article
  • new students should prepare one slide presenting themselves (name, supervisor, group, topic of PhD studies). Please make a pdf version of the slide, bring it along on a USB stick, or put it on the web beforehand
  • review papers and get reviews for own papers

A possibility to replace some of the obligatory requirements with some other tasks by agreement of the teachers.