Cryptography in Networking

Networking and Services
Advanced studies


21.10.2015 16.00 CK112
16.12.2015 17.00 CK112
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2015 autumn 02.09-09.12. 1-2 English Valtteri Niemi


Time Room Lecturer Date
Wed 10-12 B222 Valtteri Niemi 09.09.2015-14.10.2015
Thu 10-12 B119 Valtteri Niemi 08.10.2015-08.10.2015
Wed 10-12 B222 Valtteri Niemi 28.10.2015-09.12.2015

Exercise groups

Group: 1
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Tue 10-12 B119 Valtteri Niemi 14.09.2015—16.10.2015
Tue 10-12 B119 Valtteri Niemi 26.10.2015—11.12.2015


NOTE! First lecture is 9th of September

The course contains 32 h of lectures and 8 exercise sessions (16 h).

By solving at least 25% of exercises you earn points to the course exam. By solving 90% you earn a full problem worth of points in the exam.


Completing the course

Course exam is in December 2015 (date announced later)

Literature and material

Course material (slides, exercises) can be found in: