Seminar on summer work projects

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22.08.2012 - 09:00 - 16:00
Exactum, C222

Summer employees at Department of Computer Science (UH) and at HIIT / Kumpula give presentations on their summer projects.

Mobile session, chair Petteri Nurmi
9.15 Guo Haipeng: Personality Prediction on Mobile Devices
9.30 Tony Kovanen: Mobility prediction
9.45 Yina Ye: Eye Tracking
10.00 Miika Siren: Persuasive Mobility
10.15 Coffee break

Art session, chair Hannu Toivonen
10.30 Aurora Toivanen: Multilingual Poetry Generation System
10.45 Aurora Tulilaulu: Generating music from sleep data
11.00 Jani Rahkola: Kinetic Typography Framework
11.15 Ella Peltonen: Carat - Visualization
11.30 Lunch break

Machine learning session, chair Petri Myllymäki
12.30 Ziran Wang: Theme-based News Tracking and Detecting
12.45 Matt Pierce: Classification of Business News by Industry Sector   
13.00 Kustaa Kangas: Structure learning methods for Bayesian networks
13.15 Jeremias Berg: Correlation CLustering via MAX-Sat
13.30 Coffee break

Data analysis session, chair Veli Mäkinen
13.45 Evgeni Grazhdankin: Occurrence probabilities of DNA sequences
14.00 Krista Longi: DNA sequence alignment
14.15 Lari Rasku: Stemmatology of music
14.30 Sylvester Eriksson-Bique: Potential functions and flows
14.45 Javad Nouri: Analysis of Etymological Data via MDL

Summer employees have been sent a request for the title of the talk; if you have not received the message although you feel being part of the reference group mentioned, please contact Veli Mäkinen ( We can accomodate still some presentations to the end of last session.



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