ZDNet wrote on the Ubispark project

ZDNet wrote on Feb 21st on the Ubispark project of the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki.

A smartphone today packs more computing power than the computers used by NASA in the Apollo space program. At the same time, the Internet of Things is bringing connectivity to a growing number of devices, from smart TVs to fridges. Now researchers at Finland's University of Helsinki want to harness all these computational resources in a project called Ubispark, which uses smart devices for energy-efficient distributed computing.

The Ubispark project is led by Dr. Eemil Lagerspetz of the NODES group, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki.
"We have nine smartphones computing in parallel and one server computing the same thing, and we can achieve the same speed," Lagerspetz says.
Full story at http://www.zdnet.com/article/could-smartphones-replace-datacenters-these-finnish-researchers-think-so

The website of the Ubispark project is available at https://ubispark.cs.helsinki.fi/


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