Researchers enhance query processing and user privacy with partial orders

Partial orders have many useful applications in computer science. Professor Sasu Tarkoma and Dr. Weixiong Rao have recently published two journal articles that propose new partial order algorithms for enhancing subscriber privacy and query processing in distributed systems. The former has been  accepted by IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering  and the latter by the World Wide Web Journal. 

"Partial orders have many interesting applications and they are crucial for information management. Our  results pave way for new information matching and routing systems that can address privacy concerns" professor Tarkoma summarises the work. 


Figure: The basic publish/subscribe pattern (a) and the privacy-enhanced solution (b). 


Towards Efficient Filter Privacy-aware Content-based Pub/Sub
Weixiong Rao, Lei Chen and Sasu Tarkoma, Accepted by the IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 2012
Evaluating Continuous Top-K Queries over Document Stream
Weixiong Rao, Lei Chen, Sasu Tarkoma and Chudong Chen, Accepted by the Springer World Wide Web Journal (WWWJ), 2012
23.01.2013 - 18:43 Sasu Tarkoma
23.01.2013 - 18:43 Sasu Tarkoma