Department of Computer Science
Nodes Research Group

Securebox - A Platform to Safeguard Network Edge

Key Features

  • "Everything in a box" security solution
  • Unifying SDN and Cloud-based intelligence
  • Easy to deploy and operate and Transparent to users
  • Openness and Programmability through pluggable virtualized modules
  • Enabling collaborative analytics for mitigating security threats

We demonstrate a novel system for securing smart home and small enterprise networks and IoT environments by using cloud-based traffic analysis services and virtualized middleboxes.

System Demonstration video

Network Isolation with Securebox

We demonstrate a network isolation scenario in which guest (untrusted) devices can be restricted to communicate with any trusted user devices or services in the same network (without creating separate VLANs etc.). Key Features:

  • Easy to operate
  • Selective isolation at device and securebox level granularity

Network isolation with Securebox video