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Department of Computer Science

Sasu Tarkoma

  • Phone (mobile): +358 40 5062163 (SMS is fine)
  • Email: sasu.tarkoma(at)cs.helsinki.fi
  • Office: D229 at Exactum
  • Reception: Thursdays 15-16 (please send email to confirm)
  • Address (at the Department):
    Tietojenkäsittelytieteen laitos
    PL 68 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2 b)
  • My Erdős number is 3.


Distributed Events and publish/subscribe, Middleware, Mobile Wireless Internet, Internet of Things


The Finnish Union of University Professors (Professoriliitto)
Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Professional Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
COST Information and Communication Technologies Member (2010-2014)
Member of the Union of Journalists in Finland.


Recent highlights

Co-Guest Editor with Professor Sumi Helal in IEEE Pervasive Computing Special Issue on Smart Spaces.
The Internet of Things program has planned the 2014 research activities!
More information available here.

Media visibility:

Two full papers at ACM SenSys 2013!

Carat collaborative energy profiling applications for iOS and Android are available here! 7 News video and article!

Two journal papers on partial order structures for enhancing query processing systems.

Content is king: clean-slate Internet research featured in Scientific American features section.

Yhdistetyt tietojenkäsittelyn päivät 2012 were held on 28-29.5.2012 in Kumpula! The proceedings can be found here.

Awards, Recognitions, Mentions

Nokia Visiting Fellow (2013) and Wolfson College Fellow at University of Cambridge (2013).

IEEE Senior Member, February 2012.

Best demo at ACM MDM 2010 for "Dessy: Demonstrating mobile search and synchronization" by E. Lagerspetz and S. Tarkoma.

Best poster at ACM MDM 2010 for "Dessy: Search and Synchronization on the move" by E. Lagerspetz, T. Lindholm, and S.Tarkoma.

The best textbook of 2009 prize at Aalto University for book "Mobile Middleware" published by Wiley in 2009. The award ceremony was held in 10.2.2010 in Otaniemi.

Top article in IEEE WoWMoM conference (2007)

TeliaSonera Grant (2005)

Awards for MSc and PhD students

Best paper award for Yu Xiao, Petri Savolainen, Matti Siekkinen, Antti Ylä-Jääski and Arto Karppanen at ACM e-Energy 2010 for "Practical Power Modelling of Data Transmissions over 802.11g for Wireless Applications".

Best Master's thesis award 2011 in the field of information technology was given by Tietoturva ry, the largest Finnish organization in this field, to Lauri Kiiski.

Instructed/supervised PhD degrees and PhD referee activity

Meirong Liu. An Efficient Super-Peer-Based Coordinated Service Provision. University of Oulu. 2014. (pre-examiner)

Gioele Barabucci. A Universal Delta Model. University of Bologna. 2013. (pre-examiner)

Miika Komu. A Unified Address Space for Network Applications, Developers and Users. Aalto University. 2012. (advisor/instructor)

Samu Varjonen. Secure Connectivity With Persistent Identities. University of Helsinki. 2012. (advisor/instructor)

Jarno Rajahalme. Inter-Domain Incentives and Internet Architectures. Aalto University. August 2012. (advisor/instructor).

Oleg Davidyuk. Automated and Interactive Composition of Ubiquitous Applications. University of Oulu. 2012. (opponent)

Tobias Heer. Direct End-to-Middle Authentication in Cooperative Networks. Doctoral Dissertation. RWTH Aachen. 2011. (pre-examiner and opponent).

Otso Kassinen. Efficient Middleware and Resource Management in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Oulu. 2011. (opponent)

Gonzalo Camarillo. A Service-enabling Framework for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Doctoral Dissertation. Aalto University. 2011. (pre-examiner)

Jani Peltotalo. Solutions for Large-Scale Content Delivery over the Internet Protocol. Doctoral Dissertation. Tampere University of Technology. 2010. (opponent)

Roman Dunaytsev. TCP Performance Evaluation over Wired and Wired-cum-Wireless Networks. Doctoral Dissertation. Tampere University of Technology. 2010. (opponent)

Dmitrij Lagutin. Securing the Internet with Digital Signatures. Doctoral Disseration. Aalto University. 2010. (supervisor/instructor)

Tancred Lindholm. XML-Aware Data Synchronization for Mobile Devices. Doctoral Dissertation. Aalto University. 2009. (advisor/instructor).

Selected recent presentations and talks

IoT and 5G talk at Hetky Ry in 2014.

Nodes/KOPS glögi talk in December 2013. Introduction and research groups. Link

Talk given on November 27, 2013 at Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. "Makes Mobile Apps Tick? Lessons Learned In Collaborative App Analysis". Revised slides (March 2014 to reflect our new publications).

Talk given on November 1, 2013 at the Smart Space exhibition in Moscow. Internet of Things program overview. Slides

Keynote on 24.9.2013 at the China-Finland ICT Alliance Workshop Week in China on "Internet of Things and Future Networks".

CAT: A Last Mile Protocol for Content-Centric Networks. 9.6.2011. FutureNet IV Fourth International Workshop on the Network of the Future, in conjunction with IEEE ICC.

Receiver Driven Content Routing for the Internet. 20.10.2010. EU-Japan Symposium in Tampere.

Slides presented at the NODES get together on 30.9.2010. (note that others presented slides as well and these slides are not included here).

Techniques for Content Subscription Anonymity with Distributed Brokers. Presentation at the Privacy in Statistical Databases conference, 22.9.2010.

Content-based Rendezvous with Upgraph Combination. Poster presentation at DEBS, July 2010, Cambridge, UK.

Talk at the 3rd Asia-Europe Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing (AEWUC'10) on 16.5.2010 in Helsinki.

Tulevaisuudet Internet. Esitelmä Nice Tuesday tilaisuudessa 13.4.2010.

Canopy: Publish/Subscribe with Upgraph Combination. Paper presentation at IEEE Global Internet Symposium, 19.3.2010, San Diego, USA.

Selection of Recent Projects

CUBIC: Mobile Crowdsensing in Ubiquitous Cloud Environment 2014-2017. Academy of Finland.
CloSe: Cloud Security Services. 2014-2016. Academy of Finland.
Academic coordinator for the Internet of Things Strategic Research Agenda. More information available here. 2012-2015.
Revolution of Knowledge Work strategic Tekes research project 2013-2015.
Everyday Sensing. Finland-China collaboration project 2013-2015. Tekes.
EASI-CLOUDS ITEA2 research project.
Datacenter Indirection Infrastructure for High Energy Physics Data, Academy of Finland, research project. 2012-2014. Academy of Finland.
COSN research project. 2011-2013. Academy of Finland.
Cloud Software SHOK, 2011 (cloud technology).
Heterogeneous Mesh Networks. 2010-2012. Academy of Finland.
Ubilife Foundations workpackage at HIIT (Tekes, led by University of Oulu). 2007-2009.
PSIRP (Publish/Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm), EU 7th FP STREP at HIIT. 2008-2010.
ICT-SHOK Future Internet Project at TKK and HIIT.
Information Processing in Overlay Systems (IPOS) at CSE and HIIT. (Academy of Finland). 2008-2010.

Professional activities in 2012-2014

Member of the editorial board of the Computer Networks Journal (Elsevier) (2012-)
Member of organizing and scientific committees, European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) 2014 Community Forum in Helsinki. Link.
PC member, ACM Mobiquitous 2014.Link.
PC Member, ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-based Systems (DEBS 2014) conference.
Organization Committee member for ACM Mobicom 2013 (Panels co-chair).
PC member, Infocom 2014 and Infocom 2015
PC Member, ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-based Systems (DEBS 2013) conference.
PC member, SIGCOMM 2013 Workshop on Information Centric Networking
General chair, Yhdistetyt tietojenkäsittelyn päivät 2012, 28-29.5.2012, Kumpula, Finland. Link.

Current Teaching (UHe unless specified)

  • Current M.Sc. topics can be found here.
  • Instructions for graduating students can be found here!
  • Spring 2015: Overlay Networks
  • Fall 2014: Seminar on distributed Big Data frameworks
  • Spring 2014: Overlay Networks.
  • Spring 2014: Mobile Middleware.
  • Spring 2014: Seminar on Software-defined Networking.
  • Spring 2014: Codecamp on cloud technology (planned).
  • Spring 2014: Internet Technologies for Mobile Computing (Aalto University).
  • Spring 2013: Networking and Services Methodology course.
  • Spring 2013. Azure codecamp.
  • Spring 2013. Mobile Middleware.
  • Spring 2013: Internet Technologies for Mobile Computing (Aalto University).
  • Spring 2013: Overlay Networks.

Published work

You can find a selection of the articles (and Bibtex entries) at DBLP.

Monographs and textbooks

1. S. Tarkoma, M. Siekkinen, E. Lagerspetz, Y. Xiao. Smartphone Energy Consumption: Modeling and Optimization. To be published by Cambridge University Press in August 2014. Link

2. S. Tarkoma. Publish/Subscribe Systems: Design and Principles. Published by Wiley in August 2012. Amazon link.

3. S. Tarkoma. Overlay Networks: Toward Information Networking. 260 pages. CRC Press / Auerbach, February 2010. Reviewed in the June 2010 issue of IEEE Communications Read review. Another Review. This work was supported by the Academy of Finland grants 122329 and 135230.

4. S. Tarkoma. Mobile Middleware: Architecture, Patterns, and Practice. Wiley, March 2009. 320 pages. Textbook for a mobile middleware course. The textbook was awarded the best textbook of 2009 prize at Aalto University. The award ceremony was held in 10.2.2010 in Otaniemi. This work was supported by the Academy of Finland grants 122329 and 135230.

5. S. Tarkoma. Efficient Content-based Routing, Mobility-aware Topologies, and Temporal Subspace Matching. Ph.D Thesis. University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science, April 2006.

Journal papers

6. Sasu Tarkoma and Jaakko Kangasharju. Optimizing Content-based Routers: Posets and Forests. Distributed Computing 19 (1), September 2006.

7. Sasu Tarkoma and Jaakko Kangasharju. On the Cost and Safety of Handoffs in Content-based Routing Systems. Elsevier Computer Networks Journal. 2007. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comnet.2006.07.016

8. J. Kangasharju, T. Lindholm, and S. Tarkoma. XML Messaging on Mobile Devices: From Requirements to Implementation. Computer Networks 51 (16), November 2007.

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13. Jussi Saarinen,Tommi Mikkonen, Risto Pitk‰nen, Jani Heikkinen, Sasu Tarkoma. Towards a Server-Centric Interaction Architecture for Wireless Applications. Invited paper to KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems. Volume 2, Number 2, April 25, 2008.

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17. S. Tarkoma, C. Rothenberg, E. Lagerspetz. Theory and Practice of Bloom Filters for Distributed Systems. To appear in IEEE Tutorials and Surveys. 2012. Preprint available here.

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25. M. Hoque, M. Siekkinen, S. Tarkoma, J. Nurminen, M. Aalto. Saving Energy in Mobile Devices for On-Demand Multimedia Streaming -- A cross-layer Approach. To appear in ACM Transactions on Multimedia.

26. M. Hoque, M. Siekkinen, J. Nurminen, M. Aalto, S. Tarkoma. Mobile Multimedia Streaming : QoE and Energy Consumption Perspective. Accepted to Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2014. Preprint available at http://arxiv.org/abs/1311.4317

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32. Weixiong Rao, Kai Zhao, Yan Zhan, Pan Hui, Sasu Tarkoma: Maximizing timely content advertising in DTNs. To appear in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.

Book chapters and contributions in books

33. Mikko Laukkanen, Sasu Tarkoma, and Jani Leinonen. FIPA-OS Agent Platform for Small-Footprint Devices. Published in the book Intelligent Agents VIII, Springer 2002, pages 447-460.

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40. Co-editor of the WWRF Working Group 2 whitepaper on Service Architecture. To appear in the next WWRF Book of Visions, published by Wiley.

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Conference and workshop papers

47. Mikko Laukkanen, Sasu Tarkoma, and Jani Leinonen. FIPA-OS Agent Platform for Small-Footprint Devices. In John-Jules Meyer and Milind Tambe, editors, In Pre-Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages (ATAL-2001), pages 314-325, August 2001.

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Recent reports and other papers

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161. Co-presenter in the tutorial: Service platform challenges for converged B3G environments. At the 16th IST Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit, 2007.



163. S. Tarkoma, C. Prehofer. Service mobility for composed components. U.S. Patent 8046429.

25 international patent applications.

Finnish Research-related Articles and Book Contributions

164. Sasu Tarkoma. Java - uusi opetusväline. Korkeakoulujen ATK-uutiset 2/1996.

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Internet Drafts

177. M. Komu, S. Tarkoma. IPsec Application Programming Interfaces. Better than Nothing Security Working Group. Internet Draft. Work in progress, expires August 16, 2007.

Visual materials: Selected Posters

1. Supporting Software Agents on Small Devices. Poster presented at AAMAS 2002. .pdf

2. Event-based systems: Rendezvous-Notify presented at the Sahara retreat / UCB in 2003. .pdf

3. Fuego Core. Middleware for Mobile Wireless Internet. 2004. Presented at several different events in 2004. .pdf

4. Fuego Core. Middleware for Mobile Wireless Internet. 2006. Presented at several different events in 2006. A version was shown at Mobisys 2006. .pdf

5. Chained Forests for Fast Subsumption Matching. Poster presented at ACM DEBS 2007. .pdf

6. The Fuego Core Captio Collaborative Editor. Poster presented at the Helsinki-Rutgers workshop 2007. Demo presented at Pervasive 2007. .pdf

7. FusionFox: BitTorrent for Video-on-Demand. 2008. .pdf

8. HIIT PlanetLab Gateway. 2008. .pdf

9. Fuego Toolkit: A Modular Framework for Content-based Routing. Poster presented at ACM DEBS 2008. .pdf

10. Content-based Rendezvous with Upgraph Combination. Poster presented at ACM DEBS 2010. .pdf

11. E. Lagerspetz, S. Tarkoma, and T. Lindholm. Dessy: search and synchronization on the move. Poster paper, MDM 2010. Awarded Best Poster. PDF link to be added. Link to paper on Eemil's page.

12. Stacking Clouds. T. Ruottu, E. Lagerspetz, S. Tarkoma. Yhdistetyt tietojenkäsittelyn päivät 2012. Link.

13. A scalable infrastructure for CMS data analysis based on OpenStack Cloud and GlusterFS. Poster at CHEP 2013. Link.

14.SoftOffload - A Programmable Approach for Mobile Offloading. Poster at Mobisys 2014. Link.

Demonstrations at International Events

MONADS software demonstration, 16th FIPA meeting in London, UK, 24-28 January, 2000.

CRUMPET demonstration, 22nd FIPA meeting in Sendai, Japan, 23-27 July, 2001.

Fuego Core demonstration at the Sixth IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (WMCSA) at English Lake District in UK, 2-3 December, 2004. Mentioned in IEEE Pervasive Computing magazine (Vol. 4. No. 2. 2005) and Usenixin ;login: (Vol. 30. No. 4. 2005).

Fuego Toolkit: A Modular Framework for Content-based Routing. DEBS 2008 demo session. Code available here.


Sasu Tarkoma.
User Dialogue Management in the FIPA Architecture. M.Sc. Thesis. University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science, 2000.

Sasu Tarkoma.
Efficient and Mobility-aware Content-based Routing Systems. Ph. Lic Thesis. University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science, 2005.

Sasu Tarkoma.
Efficient Content-based Routing, Mobility-aware Topologies, and Temporal Subspace Matching. Ph.D Thesis. University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science, April 2006.

General Articles
Numerous articles in technical-interest magazines since 1996.

Past Teaching

  • Fall 2012: Seminar on Internet of Things (Dr Laila and Dr. Rao).
  • Fall 2012: Overlay and P2P networks course.
  • Fall 2012: Codecamp.
  • Spring 2012: Mobile Middleware.
  • Spring 2012: Mobile Middleware (UH and Aalto)
  • Fall 2011: Seminar on mobile and cloud integration.
  • Fall 2011: Overlay and P2P networks course.
  • Fall 2011: Tietoliikenteen perusteet (Introduction to data communications).
  • Spring 2011: Seminar on hot topics in mobile computing.
  • Spring 2011: Mobile Middleware.
  • Spring 2011: Internet Technologies for Mobile Computing (Aalto University).
  • Fall 2010: Overlay and P2P networks course.
  • Fall 2010: Tietoliikenteen perusteet (Introduction to data communications).
  • Fall 2010: BrowserSocket codecamp
  • Spring 2010: Mobile Middleware (15.3.11 - 26.4.1).
  • Spring 2010: Seminar: Energy-awareness in mobile computing
  • Spring 2010: Mobile Middleware.
  • Spring 2010: PSIRP course at Aalto (one lecture).
  • Spring 2010: Scientific Writing (one group)
  • Spring 2010: Seminar on energy-awareness in mobile computing.
  • Spring 2010: Tietoliikenteen perusteet (Introduction to data communications).
  • Fall 2009: Qt codecamp (UHe and TKK).
  • Fall 2009: Computer Networks II, TKK.
  • Spring 2009: T-110.7110 Internet Technologies for Mobile Computing (TKK). Responsible Teacher.
  • Spring 2009: Mobile Middleware (University of Helsinki). Responsible Teacher.
  • Spring 2009: T-110.6120 CodeCamp Spring 2009 (TKK), Intensive course based on Microsoft technology.
  • Spring 2009: Network Application Frameworks and XML (TKK) lectures. Responsible Teacher.
  • Fall 2008: T-110.6120 CodeCamp Fall 2008 (TKK), Intensive course based on IT Mill development platform. Part of industry co-operation programme funded by Teknologiateollisuus ry.
  • Fall 2008: T-110.6120 Special Course in Data Communication Software: Seminar for NordSecMob M.Sc. Programme students (TKK). Tutor for 6 students.
  • Fall 2008: T-110.5290 Seminar on Network Security (TKK). Responsible Teacher.
  • Fall 2008: Computer Networks II lectures (TKK). Responsible Teacher.
  • Network Application Frameworks and XML (TKK) lectures, Spring 2008
  • Computer Networks II (TKK) lectures, Fall 2007
  • Network Application Frameworks and XML (TKK) lectures, Spring 2007
  • Network Application Frameworks and XML (TKK) lectures, Spring 2006
  • Network Application Frameworks and XML (TKK) lectures and assignments, Spring 2005
  • Tutor on Internetworking Seminar (TKK), Spring 2005
  • Programming Mobile Systems, (Mobiilij‚Ä∞rjestelmien ohjelmointi), TKK, Spring 2005
  • Mobiilij‚Ä∞rjestelmien ohjelmointi, Spring 2004
  • Network Application Frameworks and XML (TKK), Spring 2004, assignments
  • Network Application Frameworks and XML (TKK), Spring 2003, assignments
  • Software engineering project 009 Fall 2000
  • Software engineering project 008 Summer 2000
  • Software engineering project 007: Adaptive Agent Application Spring 2000
  • Data communications exercises Spring 2000
  • Computer graphics: OpenGL lectures Fall 99
  • Java laboratory Fall 99
  • Data communications exercises Spring 99

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