Past projects

Mobile Computing & Wireless Internet
MOWGLI Mobile Office Workstations using GSM Links
DOLMEN Service Machine Development for an Open Long-term Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
MONADS Adaption Agents for Nomadic Users
MONTAGE MObile INTelligent AGEnts in Accounting, Charging and Personal Mobility Support
IIP_Mobile Improving Internet Protocols for Mobile Computing
IIP_Wireless Improving Internet Protocols for Wireless Links
BRAIN Broadband Radio Access for IP Based Networks
MIND Mobile IP Based Network Developments
CRUMPET Creation of User-friendly Mobile services Personalised for Tourism
ANWIRE Academic Network for Wireless Internet Research in Europe
EVC-WIN European Virtual Center of Excellenge on Wireless Internet
VAAWIT Wireless Internet Applications for Agriculture
TranSat Transport Protocol and Resource Management for Mobile Satellite Networks
IIP Mixture Improving Internet Protocols for Heterogeneous Traffic
IIP Cross Improving Internet Protocols on Wireless Links using Cross-layer Design
Fuego Core Middleware for Mobile Wireless Internet
SESSI Seamless Service Interworking in Heterogeneous Mobile and Ad-Hoc Networks
MERCoNe Multi-access Experimantations in Real Converging Networks

Open Distributed Computing Environments (ODCE)
CORBA-FORTE CORBA-Based Framework for Telecommunications
PILARCOS Production and Integration of Large Component Systems

Embedded and Real-Time Systems
Robocop Robust Open Component Based Software Architecture or Configurable Devices Project
Rodain Real-Time Object-Based Database Architecture for Intelligent Networks
RTD-Pilot Pilot of real-time database usage
HPGIN High Performance Gigabit I2O Networking Software