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Succinct Data Structures (SuDS) -research group

Group description

The research group studies a new subfield of data compression - data structure compression. The new aspect compared to traditional compression is that the compressed data (structure) needs to be represented so that access to its internal parts is provided without uncompressing the whole structure. As an example, consider a binary tree of n nodes. It is possible to represent the tree succinctly using about 2n bits so that the children and parent of any node can be accessed in constant time. A standard link structure representation of a binary tree takes of order n log n bits.

In addition to providing new algorithms and data structures in the field of study, the group contributes by engineering open source implementations targeted to applications such as sequence analysis in Bioinformatics, full-text search in Database Systems, and retrieval of structured documents in Information Retrieval.

The group is a member of Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and Finnish Centre of Excellence for Algorithmic Data Analysis Research.



Visitors and alumni


The project collaborates with several researchers abroad. A close and long-term collaboration is with Professor Gonzalo Navarro from University of Chile.


Recent Publications