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Wireless Broadband Access (WiBrA) Project

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Project Description

Present and future wireless broadband networks, such as 3GPP HSPA and LTE networks, are facing severe challenges, mainly how to practically and cost efficiently deal with ever-increasing traffic volumes, and how to guarantee acceptable service quality, for example, with real-time IP-based voice in networks where fine grained per IP flow bearer level quality of service functionality is not available.

This project focuses on studying those two areas. The project aims at identifying how wireless network operators could enable network controlled traffic management solutions that are compatible with all IPv6 enabled hosts and give the wanted end result in the majority of cases. Furthermore, the project studies the current and expected real-time traffic behaviour with varying background loads in the current and future wireless broadband networks. The goal is to identify bottlenecks and issues, and then to find solutions to be employed at the end hosts and network elements.

Project Members

University of Helsinki

  • Markus Isomäki
  • Teemu Savolainen
  • Simo Veikkolainen
Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Jouni Korhonen
  • Ilkka Keisala
  • Jyrki Soini


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Last update: October 2013