Class Q_Query

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public class Q_Query
extends SimpleNode

Concrete result of parsing a query. This is the top node inth eabstract syntax tree generated by the jjtree/javacc grammar. After being created this class builds a Query suitable for execution. After that, this is not used, although many of the syntax tree nodes are used as they implement the interfaces needed by the abstarct query model.

Constructor Summary
Q_Query(int id)
Q_Query(RDQLParser p, int id)
Method Summary
 void phase2(Query q)
 java.lang.String toString()
          Formats the query from phase 2 in a style that is acceptable to the parser.
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Constructor Detail


public Q_Query(int id)


public Q_Query(RDQLParser p,
               int id)
Method Detail


public void phase2(Query q)


public java.lang.String toString()
Formats the query from phase 2 in a style that is acceptable to the parser. Note this is NOT guaranteed to be the same as the original string because we may have done optimizations or other rearranging. It should give the same answers on the same dataset.
toString in class SimpleNode

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