Package com.hp.hpl.mesa.rdf.jena.common.prettywriter

The implementation of pretty writer.


Interface Summary
Filter A boolean function for filtering.
Map1 Converts an Object to another Object.

Class Summary
AddIterator Combine two Iterator's by concatenation.
ArrayIterator An Iterator for arrays.
ArrayMap Creates a Map from an array of pairs.
FilterIterator Creates a sub-Iterator by filtering.
IteratorIterator Given an Iterator that returns Iterator's, this creates an Iterator over the next level values.
LateBindingIterator An Iterator that is created lazily.
Map1Iterator Convert objects as they are iterated over.
NullIterator A useful class: an Iteration of nothing.
PrettyWriter Writes out RDF in the abbreviated syntax, for human consumption not only machine readable.

Package com.hp.hpl.mesa.rdf.jena.common.prettywriter Description

The implementation of pretty writer.

The principal class in this package is PrettyWriter.

The other classes are general purpose utilities. If they get used more widely than currently then they may be moved to a more appropriately named package.

The following classes are Jena specific, the others are not.

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