Package com.hp.hpl.mesa.rdf.jena.model

An API for manipulating RDF models.


Interface Summary
Alt An RDF Alternative container.
Bag An RDF Bag container.
ClosableIterator An iterator which should be closed after use
Container An RDF Container.
Jena Jena global definitions
Literal An RDF Literal.
Model An RDF Model.
ModelCon Convenience methods which extend the Model interface.
NodeIterator An iterator which returns RDF nodes.
NsIterator An iterator which returns namespace URI's.
ObjectF A factory for creating objects from RDF Literal strings.
Property An RDF Property.
RDFErrorHandler A generic error handler.
RDFNode An RDF Resource or an RDF Literal.
RDFReader An RDFReader reads a serialized represenation of RDF, e.g.
RDFReaderF An RDFReader factory inferface.
RDFWriter RDFWriter is an interface to RDF serializers.
RDFWriterF An RDFReader factory inferface.
ResIterator An iterator which returns RDF Resources.
Resource An RDF Resource.
ResourceF Create an application specific resource instance.
Selector A Statement selector.
Seq RDF Sequence container.
Statement An RDF Statement.
StmtIterator An iterator which returns RDF Statements.

Class Summary
AnonId Create a new id for an anonymous node.

Exception Summary
RDFException Generic RDF Exception class.

Error Summary

Package com.hp.hpl.mesa.rdf.jena.model Description

An API for manipulating RDF models.

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