Class DriverGenericHash

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DriverGenericMMHash, DriverInterbaseHash

public class DriverGenericHash
extends DriverGenericGeneric

Adaption of the base generic layout driver to use unique hashes of as the index terms instead of relying on database sequences. This is useful for databases without useful sequences/generators it may also yield marginally higher performance.

$Revision: 1.3 $ on $Date: 2001/12/05 17:56:49 $
Dave Reynolds

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Constructor Summary
          Create a bare instance of the driver.
Method Summary
 IDBID wrapDBID(java.lang.Object id)
          Convert the raw SQL object used to store a database identifier into a java object which meets the IDBID interface.
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addStatement, allocateModelID, attachStore, cleanDB, close, createConstraints, deleteStatement, detachStore, formatDB, getConnection, getLiteral, getLiteralID, getModelID, getNamespace, getProperty, getProperty, getResource, getResource, getResourceID, getSQLCache, hintPropertyTable, isDBFormatOK, isStatementPresent, listModels, listNamespaces, listStatements, listStatements, listSubjects, loadDatabaseDriver, loadProperties, makeResource, saveProperties, setConnection, supportsMultipleModels, toString, wrapFlag
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Constructor Detail


public DriverGenericHash()
Create a bare instance of the driver. It is not functional until a database connection has been supplied via setConnection.
Method Detail


public IDBID wrapDBID(java.lang.Object id)
Convert the raw SQL object used to store a database identifier into a java object which meets the IDBID interface.
wrapDBID in class DriverGenericGeneric

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