Class ResultSetStatementIterator

All Implemented Interfaces:
ClosableIterator, java.util.Iterator

public class ResultSetStatementIterator
extends ResultSetIterator

Version of ResultSetIterator that extracts database rows as statments assuming that the SQL returns rows of form:

    subject [sid, slname, snsid]
    predicate [pid, plname, pnsid]
    object [oid, olitid, oislit]
It would be simpler to just return resource and literal ids and issue separate calls to retrieve those instances which are not currently cached. Early experiments show this as x3 slower when the cache misses (which is likely to be often).

$Revision: 1.2 $ on $Date: 2001/11/26 18:20:10 $
Dave Reynolds

Constructor Summary
ResultSetStatementIterator(ModelRDB model, IRDBDriver driver)
          Create an iterator which which convert SQL result rows into RDF statements.
Method Summary
 void remove()
          Delete the current row entry.
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Constructor Detail


public ResultSetStatementIterator(ModelRDB model,
                                  IRDBDriver driver)
Create an iterator which which convert SQL result rows into RDF statements.
model - The rdf model in which to instantiate any resources
driver - The database driver, used to access namespace and resource caches
Method Detail


public void remove()
Delete the current row entry. This version is for databases (like InterBase) whose jdbc driver doesn support concurrently updatable cursors.
remove in class ResultSetIterator

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