Re: Booting linux using Novell NetWare Remote Program Loader

H. Peter Anvin (
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:58:50 -0700

Pavel Machek wrote:

> Hi!
>>>>I removed the autoprobing from bootsect.S and fixed it to 1.44MB format
>>>>et voila, it worked perfectly.
>>>Do you have patch to do that?
>>I have a patch for 2.0.x only. But it should be enough to change the
>>disksizes table at the end of bootsect.S to:
>>disksizes: .byte 18,18,18,18
> Yep, tried that. No more crc errors when decompressing. Instead,
> sudden reboot when it finishes loading. OOps.
> This is 486sx/25 booting from network. Kernel is 2.4.9, compiled with
> math emu, and processor=386. Any ideas what is wrong?
> Pavel

Am I guessing correctly that this RPL thing is a floppy image emulator?
Then it probably becomes a matter of where that image lives (in memory, if
so where; or on the network and downloaded sector by sector.) You may
want to try to make a SYSLINUX image and see if it works.


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