Random Sig'11 in XF864 with kernel > 2.2.x

Jeffrey Ingber (jhingber@ix.netcom.com)
15 Sep 2001 01:09:45 -0400

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Hello kernel developers:

I'm experiencing random Signal 11's on kernels in the 2.4 series with
XFree86 4 and SMP configurations. Here a some threads to the XFree86
mailing lists which suggest that the Signal 11's are kernel related.=20
Downgrading to a 2.2 series kernel solves these problems:


Here's a snippet from my posting to the list: =20

> Dell PowerEdge 6300 (Quad Xeon 500) with ATI Rage 128
> IBM Netfinity 5600 (Dual PIII 667) with Matrox MMS Quad Monitor
> Tyan Tunderbolt S1873UANG-R (Dual PIII 600) with Matrox Marvel G400

I'll bet it goes away if you don't use a 2.4 SMP kernel.
That is, use a 2.4 UP kernel or a 2.2 UP/SMP kernel.


And this turned out to be the case. Is there anything that I could do help fix this? Is there anyone else on this list that has had similar problems and has overcome this?

Thanks for listening. Jeffrey H. Ingber (jhingber _at_ ix.netcom.com)

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