Re: Random Sig'11 in XF864 with kernel > 2.2.x

Frank Schneider (
Sat, 15 Sep 2001 12:24:17 +0200

Jeffrey Ingber schrieb:
> Hello kernel developers:
> I'm experiencing random Signal 11's on kernels in the 2.4 series with
> XFree86 4 and SMP configurations. Here a some threads to the XFree86
> mailing lists which suggest that the Signal 11's are kernel related.
> Downgrading to a 2.2 series kernel solves these problems:
> Here's a snippet from my posting to the list:
> ----
> > Dell PowerEdge 6300 (Quad Xeon 500) with ATI Rage 128
> > IBM Netfinity 5600 (Dual PIII 667) with Matrox MMS Quad Monitor
> > Tyan Tunderbolt S1873UANG-R (Dual PIII 600) with Matrox Marvel G400
> I'll bet it goes away if you don't use a 2.4 SMP kernel.
> That is, use a 2.4 UP kernel or a 2.2 UP/SMP kernel.
> ---
> And this turned out to be the case. Is there anything that I could do
> help fix this? Is there anyone else on this list that has had similar
> problems and has overcome this?


I can only admit that i also know this problem.

I run a RH7.1 on a dual-PIII/850 with a Matrox G400/16MB, and i also had
several crashes of X, mostly when Netscape runs, but some without it.

What i did:
I changed the default colourdepth from 24 to 16 and i got the "original"
mga.o-modules from

But this did not help, i suffered a crash some days ago again, but this
time i had a logentry, it said:

Sep 12 13:14:27 falcon kernel: [drm] Process 850 dead (ctx 1, d_s =

I run XFree 4.0.3 and have enabled the Matrox-Options in the Kernel
under "Character devices - Support for Matrox g200/g400", but this did
not help either.

Another problem i got by using the modules from "", i cannot
switch between consoles and X anymore, if i switch back to X several
times (one time usually is ok), the whole machine crashes, i have to
reboot via SysRq and even that does not work everytime. But this is
related to the "mga.o"-module from matrox, i hadnt this effect with the
mga.o from XFree86.


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