Re: Kernel Panic New Adaptec - Old Adaptec Works

Justin T. Gibbs (
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 09:35:31 -0600

>I am running a dual PIII 933 VIA based motherboard (Gigabyte 6VXDC7).
>I have two Seagate Cheetah HDs, and two SCSI cdroms. There are no IDE
>devices anywhere in the system, and no support is compiled in the kernel or
>as a module for IDE.
>Kernel 2.4.7 works perfectly. I cannot get 2.4.10 to work with the new aha
>driver compiled into the kernel. Below is what I was able to capture of the

You need to disable all of the "speed up my PCI bus even though it violates
the spec) options in your BIOS. The old driver issues a PCI read after
every device write to overcome such silliness in broken BIOSes/chipsets.
The new driver only issues a read (to flush writes) when synchronization
is required. The workaround used in the old driver has too high of a
performance penalty which is why the new driver does not do it.

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