Re: Question: Etherenet Link Detection

Ben Greear (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 17:06:10 -0700

Peter Sandstrom wrote:
> I know for sure that the Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet embedded controller
> has a register where it's possible to read out if the link led is active
> or not. It seems quite likely that this would be available on other
> controllers as well.
> Is there any functionality in the current kernel that enables a userland
> program to read this? I mostly turn my machines on and and let them do
> their thing until the hardware fails :)
> /Peter

You can get this information out of any NIC that supports
the mii-diag protocols. The two I've used are the eepro100
and tulip drivers...

You can read Becker's mii-diag source for the gory details!


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