Re: [PATCH] core file naming option

bill davidsen (
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 12:17:46 -0400

In article <>,
Eli Carter <> wrote:

| The attached patch adds an option to the build to have core files named
| core.processname, but defaulting to the current behaviour of course.
| For most people the single 'core' file is sufficient, but when the sky
| is falling, it's nice to have more places for it to land. :)
| So, is this something that might go into the kernel, or are their
| philisophical reasons against it? (The patch is against 2.2.19. I
| haven't looked at 2.4.x yet. Let me know if you want a 2.4 or if I
| should send it to Linus, or...)
| Questions, comments, etc. welcome,

Since you asked for it... ;-)

While you're adding this feature, and it seems others are adding
similar things, it is *highly* desirable to allow the build to put all
the dumps in one place of desired (my first thought is /var/core) so
that if you get a lot you won't run the system out of disk.

The directory name could be set in /proc/sys/coredir (or somesuch)
with an initial value of "." of course.

Other than that I like the idea, although process "name" could get a
lot of clashes on threads, and pid gets reused. There may be a better
idea, but most of mine are cumbersome. This would really simplify
certain kinds of dump analysis.

bill davidsen <>
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