[PATCH] core file naming option

Eli Carter (eli.carter@inet.com)
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:26:49 -0500

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Alan et. all,

The attached patch adds an option to the build to have core files named
core.processname, but defaulting to the current behaviour of course.
For most people the single 'core' file is sufficient, but when the sky
is falling, it's nice to have more places for it to land. :)
So, is this something that might go into the kernel, or are their
philisophical reasons against it? (The patch is against 2.2.19. I
haven't looked at 2.4.x yet. Let me know if you want a 2.4 or if I
should send it to Linus, or...)

Questions, comments, etc. welcome,

--------------------. Real Users find the one combination of bizarre
Eli Carter \ input values that shuts down the system for days.
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diff -urN linux.orig/Documentation/Configure.help linux/Documentation/Configure.help
--- linux.orig/Documentation/Configure.help Tue Sep 25 17:02:27 2001
+++ linux/Documentation/Configure.help Tue Sep 25 16:54:23 2001
@@ -8765,6 +8765,12 @@
from within Linux if you have also said Y to "UFS filesystem
support", above.

+Long corefile names
+ If you say Y here, core files will be named 'core.[process]' where
+ '[process]' is the name of the process which dumped core.
+ Otherwise, they will be named 'core' by default.
ADFS filesystem support (read only) (EXPERIMENTAL)
The Acorn Disc Filing System is the standard filesystem of the
diff -urN linux.orig/fs/Config.in linux/fs/Config.in
--- linux.orig/fs/Config.in Tue Sep 25 17:02:34 2001
+++ linux/fs/Config.in Tue Sep 25 16:53:08 2001
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@

bool 'Quota support' CONFIG_QUOTA
tristate 'Kernel automounter support' CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS
+bool 'Long corefile names' CONFIG_COREFILE_LONGNAME

if [ "$CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL" = "y" ]; then
diff -urN linux.orig/fs/binfmt_elf.c linux/fs/binfmt_elf.c
--- linux.orig/fs/binfmt_elf.c Tue Sep 25 17:02:34 2001
+++ linux/fs/binfmt_elf.c Tue Sep 25 16:53:08 2001
@@ -1140,7 +1140,7 @@

-#if 0
corefile[4] = '\0';


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