Re: [PATCH] core file naming option

Eli Carter (
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:54:34 -0500 wrote:
> Having the 2.2.x series create `' is like a 2 line change
> to `fs/binfmt_elf.c', just increase the size of the array that holds
> the file name and `sprintf' the pid into it. I've got a patch for
> the 2.2.x series that dumps core for all threads and puts them in
> `' files.

Well, when I asked Alan about it, he said "Doing it in 2.2 is incredibly
hard for internal locking reasons"... I'm not ready to tackle that.
If you have a patch that does it correctly, submit it to Alan.
I'd still like to have the option I submitted as part of 2.2 *shrug*...
it's just bringing back functionality that was in earlier versions of
Linux as a compile option. (From what I understand, this is similar to
something done in the BSDs at some time in the past... but being a young
whippersnapper, I don't really know.)

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